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I contacted Trampolines at short notice late in the evening with a query about a Berg Cart for my son's birthday. Gary responded immediately and since the initial contact to the delivery of the cart, the service has been excellent with updates and support. I had an issue putting the cart together which was own mistake but Gary's support was again excellent, Thanks Gary, appreciate all your help and kind support.

James Veldon

Great products at a competive price, very impressed by the level of aftersales support, highly recommend would use again.


Thank you very much for your help with this, I really do appreciate it. A very happy customer!

(So far anyway - I'll come back to you after my lovely neighbours finish putting it together!! That will be fun!!
I imagine there may be some choice language! 😊).

Thanks again Gary.


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Keep Your Kids Safe On A Trampoline With These Tips

Are you planning to buy a trampoline for your kids? Its hours of fun for kids but trampoline is not something you can allow your kids to use without any oversight. It is important for you to take some precautions when your kids are on the trampoline in order to avoid injuries.

Here is what you need to know about keeping your kids safe when using trampolines.

Pay special attention to location of the trampoline.
Make sure it’s away from walls, fences, poles or trees. Experts recommend having a perimeter of at least 3 meters around the trampoline to keep your kids safe. If your kid jumps too high and ends up out of the trampoline, the presence of walls, poles, furniture or fences nearby can lead to injuries.

Properly positioned Safety Pads
The tension in the trampoline is created by springs along with the mat and therefore, you need to make sure the springs are tight enough when your kids start jumping. If any of the springs is not in its position or isn’t attached at both the ends, it can cause injuries.
The steel frame, the hooks as well as springs in the trampoline should be properly covered with safety pads to keep your kids as well as others jumping on the trampoline safe. All the trampolines should have safety nets, especially those that are going to be used by children frequently. It will keep them safe and prevent them from falling off the trampoline.

Learning to Trampoline the Right Way
Kids love trampolines and are very excited when they get to use one. However, if they do not use the right technique, they might lose control and injure themselves. It is especially important when they are just starting. When they have some time under their belt using the trampoline, you do not need to worry much about them.

Take Off Jewellery
Make sure your kids are not wearing any jewellery or any other sharp objects before they get onto the trampoline. Keep in mind that children are so excited that they will usually forget about these things. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that they do not have any sharp objects in their pockets or anywhere that can cause injury if they land wrong.

Beware Stunts
Children will always find a way to perform new stunts on the trampoline and one of their favourites is somersaults. Ideally, you should take your kids to a local class to help them learn the required skills in order to make sure they are always safe when using trampoline at home.

Entering & Exiting the Trampoline
In their excitement, children will forget to use the stairs to get into and out of the trampoline but that can lead to injuries. Therefore, you need to make sure that your children develop the habit of using the ladder to climb in and climb out of the trampoline. The mat should always be free of snow or moisture before your children start using it. If the mat is slippery, the kids can slip and that can lead to avoidable injuries.

Level Ground
One of the most important things you need to ensure before you allow your kids to start using the trampoline is proper levelling. Ideally, you should install it on sand, lawn, grass or other kind of energy absorbing material and make sure it is well levelled. The area under the jumping mat should be clear at all times.

Suitable Clothing
Children should wear appropriate clothing before they start jumping. It is important to avoid clothing that comes with drawstrings. It is especially true of boys as their clothes usually have drawstrings. The drawstrings can get entangled into the safety net and that can cause awkward landing leading to injuries. Only one kid should use the trampoline at a time as most injuries happen when multiple kids start using the trampoline. You also need to make sure that kids are always supervised by an adult when jumping on a trampoline.

To conclude, a trampoline can provide hours of fun for kids but you need to help them learn the basics of rebounding on a trampoline to ensure they remain safe at all times. The above mentioned tips should help you with that. You should also enroll in a class to learn more about trampoline safety, especially when it comes to kids.

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