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Berg Flatground Ultim Elite | Rectangular Trampolines

Berg Flatground Ultim Elite | Rectangular Trampolines

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Berg Flatground Ultim Elite - Rectangle Shaped Flatground Trampolines

Of all the trampolines, you can make the best jumps on the BERG Ultim Elite FlatGround. This trampoline has been specially designed for learning and performing the coolest and newest tricks. The trampoline is 5×3 metres, which means you have an enormous amount of jumping space! Just like the Olympic trampolines, this Ultim Elite is rectangular in shape. This means that you can make superfine jumps over the entire length and width of the trampoline. A rectangular trampoline also gives you more control over the jumps that you make.

The AirFlow jumping mat and the TwinSpring springs ensure that you can make extra high and supple jumps. The Ultim Elite has been designed with care, which has resulted in a very safe trampoline.

BERG FlatGround trampolines are fully integrated into the garden. This is because the protective edge of the trampoline is completely level with the garden. This makes the trampoline unobtrusive and easy to step onto.

The Ultim Elite FlatGround is available with AreoWall. This detachable jump wall makes practising and carrying out tricks even more fun. The wall is super sturdy due to the strong frame and is easy to install and remove.

Only for domestic use
Not for public use
Only one user - Collision hazard
The BERG Trampoline is for outdoor use only
The BERG Trampoline is not recommended for use by children under 6 years of age
Not suitable for children under 36 months - Fall hazard
There must be a clearing of at least 2 meters around the trampoline
The net should be replaced every 5 year(s) (or earlier when loss of functionality)
Ensure a minimum clearance of at least 2 meters from trees, fences and any other surrounding obstacles
It is required to have a minimum overhead clearance of 7 meters measured from the ground
The surrounding area of the burried trampoline should consist of a shock absorbing material for example lawn, woodchips, etc. of at least 2 meters wide
When used in public places (professional), the guarantee will expire if the product isn’t designed for use in public places.