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Best Kids Electric Scooters Northern Ireland

An electric scooter is a great way for kids to enjoy their first taste of independence and provides a fun and exhilarating way to get to school, friend's houses and to enjoy riding around the neighbourhood with the family.

Here are the best kids electric scooters to browse. 

Toyzz Kids Electric E Scooter

Top Adjustable Handle to Grow with Your Child 

Dimensions: 75cm x 15cm x 95cm | Colour: Blue | Maximum Speed: 7.5mph | Battery Size: 24V

  • Adjustable twist grip acceleration handle 86-96cm
  • LED light
  • Easy to fold and carry

This kids electric scooter from Toyzz comes with an adjustable acceleration handle so that it can continue to grow with your child as they learn to ride and beyond.

The front LED light means your child can enjoy riding even in low lights and the lightweight and foldable frame makes it easy for parents and carers to carry too when dropping your child at school or to a friend's house. 

Iconbit Unicorn Foldable Electric Kick Scooter

Best Motor Assisted Scooter for Safer Riding

Dimensions: 4.7Kg | Colour: Pink | Maximum Speed: 6 Km/h | Battery Size: 22.2V

  • 5" wheels with motor assist
  • 9km on 30 minutes charge
  • Switch off motor option

Thus Iconbit kids scooter comes with larger than competitor models 5" wheels and motor assist too for an even safer riding experience for your child.

This kids electric scooter is also able to go 9km distance on a as little as a quick top up 30 minute battery charge.

Moreover, this scooter also lets your child switch off the motor too and transform into a push scooter if you prefer this option too. 


Eskooter Electric Scooter Kids

Best Removable Seat Kids E Scooter

Dimensions: 71cm x 38cm x 52cm | Colour: Silver | Maximum Speed: 12km/h | Battery Size: 24V

  • Removable seat option
  • Top speeds of 12 km/h
  • 10-15km distance

The kids scooter from Eskooter comes with a removable seat so kids can choose to either sit on stand as they ride.

Ergonomically designed, this kids electric scooter can reach top speeds of 12 km/h on only one charge and the battery will last for up to 15km of distance on just a single charge too. 

Electric Scooter Children

Best Easy to Ride Kids Electric Scooter

Dimensions: 71cm x 38cm x 52cm | Colour: Red | Maximum Speed: 12 km/h | Battery Size: 24V

  • Easy twist throttle
  • Hand-operated brake
  • Quick 3-5 hour charge

This kids electric scooter is really easy for children to ride thanks to its easy twist throttle and hand-operated brake, which is also an excellent safety feature too.

Quick and simple to charge, this electric scooter also offers an impressive maximum speed of 12 km/h so your child can now enjoy riding further for longer. 

Razor Power Core E90 Kids Electric Scooter

Top Fast Speed Kids Electric Scooter

Dimensions: 81 x 33 x 84 cm | Colour: Green | Maximum Speed: 16 km/h | Battery Size: 12V

  • Speeds of up to 16 km/h
  • TPU smooth ride tyres
  • Foam grip handle controls

The Razor Power Core E90 kids scooter comes in a vibrant green and black design and can reach impressive top speeds of 16 km/h, which is much faster than many other competitor models.

The tyres of this electric scooter are made from TPU to ensure a smoother ride and the easy to use hand controls also have a comfortable foam grip too for little hands. 


HOMCOM Electric E Scooter Ride on Battery Kids

Best Durable and Strong Frame Kids E Scooter

Dimensions: 76L x 38W | Colour: Blue | Maximum Speed: 10km/h | Battery Size: 12V

  • Adjustable handle 86-96cm
  • Metal durable frame
  • Easy to fold up

This HOMCOM kids electric scooter is made from PE and metal to ensure the frame is durable, strong, and long-lasting.

The adjustable handle can reach heights from 86cm to 96cm making this electric scooter ideal for older children and is also easy to fold up and transport too if you need to take it on a train or fold it up into the boot of a car.


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